Screenshot taken from “Live Distillation,” 2013

BR.OW.ZA - A Brighter Tomorrow ZA

Goethe Institute, Johannesburg, 2013
MoMA Warsaw, 2014

The work, initially exhibited at the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg, and thereafter in the seminal group show “Private Settings: Art After the Internet” at the Modern Museum of Art, is a look into South African society post-Apartheid. The work, a mixed media installation, postures on a way to recondition society through the creation of a ‘Genderless, Raceless, Android Plugin’ called BR.OW.ZA. BR.OW.ZA, an acronym for “a Brighter tomorrOW ZA”, works with common video sharing platforms such as Youtube, and aggregates results based on a specific video search a user does. BR.OW.ZA then ‘collages’ these search results into a video that the user watches, in a way, hijacking the users own search. The work references ‘Troll’ culture,the speed at which images have now begun to circulate online, as well as a potential use of technology to help rebuild society.

Installation view of “BR.OW.ZA,” 2014; video, digital printing, variable dimensions